Investment Planning

ACS Investing has strategic partners to implement the agreed vanilla financial planning that is done as part of the wider ACS Three Sixty strategy sessions. We pride ourselves on being completely independent and subscribe to a goal orientated planning process where everything we do starts with your goals. We then formulate a strategy, with your input, to reach those goals.

Retirement Planning

An often-overlooked part of planning when building a business, and growing wealth. We take extra care in this regard as poor planning has the potential to erode significant wealth when the time comes to separate from your business. Effective retirement planning and focused succession planning are paramount to wealth preservation.

Syndicated Solutions

ACS Investing, along with the wider ACS group specialise in syndicated solutions. From structured agriculture ventures, to passive revenue streams, we bring like-minded people together to achieve wealth creation and wealth protection.

Offshore Fiduciary

In order to offer the complete business solutions required for a well-balanced and diversified South African business it is imperative that we are able to deliver reliable, cost effective and transparent offshore structuring expertise. To this end we have partnered with Cannon Asset Management in Guernsey to facilitate.